Resolutions - 2017!

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Hi guys,

I hope you all are keeping well.

Today, I feel inspired to share one of my new year resolutions with you all.

As it is one that is very dear to me, I will be taking time out to really explain it.


Evangelism is one thing that I want to do more frequently in the year 2017.

You will find that my personality is set up in a very unique way, in the sense that I am someone who is so eager to share things with others especially when it's something I personally find amazing. (so the list is ongoing from sweets to food).

Now I know some may find this weird, but I have the mentality that I have/need to share my new found love/interest with those around me. (I'm always secretly hoping that everyone will be able to see, perceive and taste things the way I can!)

Anyway, before I start drifting off topic....

The same thing applies to my faith!
I love to share my faith.

In terms of evangelism, I am aware that GOD is big and that one cannot know everything about him. However I am willing to share the little that I do know/have experienced!

Matthew 9:37 says 'the harvest is full but the labourers are few.'. God has called and chosen me to be his representative here on this planet earth! (speaking for myself here!)

I have to step up, and make myself available! He is eager to reach the harvest but he wants to do it through me (his representative).

Therefore, whether or not the harvest is brought in is down to me!

With this in mind, I know that I cannot afford to slack.

I am in no pressure about whether or not people are open to receive what I have to say.

All I intend to do is rely on the holy spirit and not on my emotions or own intelligence.

He will tell me what to say/share, where to go and so on...

Exodus 4:31 talks about the Israelites. They were being oppressed by the Egyptians so basically, you could say 'life had hit them hard'. However, God being so loving sent Moses to tell them he cared! Now this is what I call a SEASONAL WORD!

As Moses made himself available, God gave him a word for his children and as they heard, they bowed down and worshipped.

I believe that the harvest really is ripe but a lot of people are experiencing Exodus 4:31, in the sense that life has hit them hard!

They have a lot of unanswered questions and so God wants us all to be the ones to give them that seasonal word.

God is relying on us and I personally pray that I wont fail him.

I do understand that not everyone may understand this post, and I am more than happy to answer questions.

I would also love to read some of your new year resolutions and so, please do send them to me. (atleast one!!)

Till next time.


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