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Kindly ignore my unfriendly face lol

Hey Guys,

Today, I will be sharing 5 reasons why I love charity shops.


  1. Price - They 'can be' cheap! "Look good for less" I use the words 'can be' as I know some are expensive but majority of times, this depends on the location.
  2. Unique - I honestly think modern day fashion has lost a lot of its uniqueness. However, with charity shops, things are different. The exploration is unending and it is very rare to find the same thing twice in a Charity Shop.
  3. Supporting Charities - I like shopping and so why not shop and help out where I can? (guilt-free shopping lol)
  4. Less Crowded - Shopping centers can be fun but for people like me, who hate wasting time, it can be very draining and overwhelming. There is always too many people around!!!!
  5. The Brag Bomb - I love the look on people's faces when I tell them how much my outfits cost me!
Outfit Details:
  • Orange Blazer (gift) - New York Laundry Label
  • White Halter-Neck Top - Primark
  • Blue Tartan Skirt - Barnado's (charity shop in Wythenshaw, UK) £1.99
  • Heels - Dorothy Perkins (Discontinued Item)
Well its been fun! A big shout-out to my little sister who did my makeup for the above look! (she's super talented..)
Till next time.


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