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Hey lovelies,

Matthew 6:33 is a verse in the bible that I along with many other Christians are very familiar with but as of last week, I received a new revelation from God and yes, you guessed right, I am pretty excited  to share it with you all!

I'm a part of my local church choir in Manchester. On the third Monday of every month, the choir department usually holds a 'Praise and Worship' leadership training.

Last weekend, being the 3rd Monday of this month, we had another Praise and Worship leadership training with the choir. It was absolutely fantastic!

My choir leader used the above mentioned bible verse and as he explained it, it was as if a light bulb lit up in my head/heart!

A new revelation from God!

That Bible Verse in summary talks about putting God first IN EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES (education, finance, emotions etc etc).

What majority of us forget is that God is a rewarder!

As we prioritize him, he also prioritizes us!

With God, as you put him first, he will most definitely sort everything else that concerns you (this includes your health, emotions and finance ...... oh the list goes on!)

Pretty awesome right?

I don't know about you guys but I would rather receive a reward from God than from anyone else.

So I ENCOURAGE YOU today to dedicate your life to serving God.

Love you guys!

Details of my church (everyone's welcome) - HERE!

Till next time.


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