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Hi Guys, so after a lot of thought process, I have decided to reveal my face!

Initially, the idea was dismissed as I dd not really see the point of it.

In my opinion, my face has nothing to do with the things I blog about and also, the idea of the 'unkown'/hidden identity was definitely something I wanted to explore!

However, after a lot of feedback from people and a lot of reconsideration, I have changed my mind!

I now understand that at times some people do not like the idea of 'the unknown' and so with the exclusion of my face from my fashion blog posts, some people end up feeling on the edge, leaving them unable to connect with the content of my blog.

Anyway, enough of the boring explanation!

Today, I am writing about something more interesting!


Introducing, 5 interesting facts about myself!

I love making other people happy. Lets put it this way, 'making other people happy makes me happy'. This is something I have always loved since childhood. I remember being so eager to help my parents find missing items around the house and to help out with chores and that was simply because I had a strong desire to see them happy. However, more recently, I have come to realize the need for balance! Making other people your primary focus is a tasking job and can be very draining and so, I am learning to focus more on making myself happy.

I love languages. (preferably French and Igbo).
Being fluent in both French and Igbo (native dialect) is simply everything to me lol.
My love for French started off in High School and then on to College. I still try to keep myself updated with the language and I plan on travelling to France very soon!
With the Igbo language, I honestly think it is a beautiful language, I absolutely love the way things sound when it comes to worshiping God. I apologize for the repetition, but 'it is simply beautiful'!

I am not a fan of pets.
I really do not want to go into detail on this and so I will just be leaving it as that.....

This fact is a 2 in 1, you are all so very special to me and so I thought I'd add an extra fact!
I am Nigerian and an Igbo girl!
My Igbo name is 'Chinedum' meaning 'God is leading me'.
(Pronounced - 'Chi-ney-doom')
When it came to revealing my Igbo name to people, I remember being so annoyed (the young Chinedum lol). I was annoyed at the fact that everyone seemed to think I was given a males name.
The truth is, I believe God chose that name for me and right now I care less about what other people have to say as the only thing that really matters to me is what God has to say!!!
I LOVE MY NAME! I also believe wholeheartedly that God is indeed leading me.

I am a middle child!
I am a middle child in a unique way.
Let me explain, so there are 5 Children (incl. me) , and then 2 parents. Everyone together makes 7 because '5+ 2 = 7'.

Now let the Maths sessions begin!!

In my family, when it comes to birthdays, we usually have 2 people in a month but with me,things are different.
Mother + Little Brother - August
2 Sisters - September
Father + Elder Brother - December
Me (The Unique Middle Child) - January

Pretty cool right?

Well those are my 5 interesting facts and I do hope you find them interesting..

Do not forget to share you thoughts and feedback with me.

Till next time.


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