White Lace Skirt

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Hi Guys,

I was recently in London visiting a friend and so having heard so much about the charity shops over there, I decided to snoop in a few and that was where I came across this lovely lace skirt.

I love the look of it. It is extremely comfortable and perfect for the summer!

The fitting is quite loose around my waist but I am pretty sure that I can find someone to fix that for me.

In terms of my outfit, I really did not want to wear black (shocking right?) and so I thought the next best thing was burgundy!

Please find below the details of my outfit:

  • White Lace Skirt - Cancer Research UK
  • Velvet Crop Top - Open Market in Gorton, Manchester
  • Burgundy Heels - H&M
Please do not forget to share your thoughts with me!
Till next time.



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