Grey Swirl Skirt

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Hey guys!

So my new fashion blogpost is out! I'm sure you are all so excited as I am lol!

This time round, I actually went charity shopping in Wythenshaw. If you are based in Manchester and are looking for cheap charity shops that sell great quality clothes, then Wythenshaw is the best place for you. Honestly speaking, if I  had bought everything I loved, then by now I would be financially drained...

Thank God for self-control ay?


So you can imagine how I felt when I spotted this grey swirl skirt.

After seeing the price (£2:85), I knew God was telling me to buy it. The cheap price had to be a confirmation from above!!!! I knew I had to buy it.
(when I thought about things, I just couldn't bear the thought of someone else buying it and me loosing out on such a great opportunity ahahahah)

In relation to my outfit choices, I tried being very experimental.

Personally, I have no problems wearing black all year long but this time round I decided to add abit of color for you guys.

Initially, I wanted to wear a white halter neck crop top. However, the crop top I had in mind was badly stained and so I looked around my wardrobe....

I found a dress that I bought about 2 years ago.... (yes, yes, yes, there is a white dress underneath the grey skirt in my first outfit!)

I also tried color blocking with a mustard yellow crop top. (looking back at the pictures, I really do think both colors work quite well together )

Well enough of me ranting now, please find the details of the outfit below:

  • Grey Skirt - Age UK
  • White Dress  (I struggled finding the actual dress but found something similar) - New Look
  • Heels (outfit1) - Matalan (Discontinued)
  • Mustard Yellow Crop Top - New Look
  • Heels (outfit2) - Primark
I cannot wait to read what you all think about both outfits.
Till next time.





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