God is your priority in your life - Joel Osteen

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"In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success."-Proverbs 3:6 Living Bible (TLB)

Hey guys, so I recently watched a sermon on YouTube and I thought I would share a few things from the sermon with you all.


The sermon spoke on the importance of making God a part of our everyday lives. Its the idea that God will only be involved in as much of our lives as we allow him to.

Proverbs 3:6 was the main verse that was used in the sermon. It talks about acknowledging God and seeking his will in all we do and he will direct our paths.

When your pathway is directed by God, everything you involve yourself in will be crowned with SUCCESS.

To acknowledge God is to ask for his help. (not only asking for his help but coming to the realisation that God's help is needed/key)

Gods direction is not automatic, an invitation must be made first.

Acknowledging God enables him to:
  1. Go before us and make crooked places straight.
  2. Cause the right people to show up in our lives.
  3. Open doors we could not open.
  4. Crown our efforts with success.
Practical example: my sister bakes and on a particular Saturday, she was going to be selling cupcakes at an open market/stall. I am all for supporting family and so I went with her. The weather was not on our side and that really affected the amount of customers we had. We were both cold and tired. I remembered how much my sister had worked towards the day and I did not like the idea of taking cupcakes back home. So I started praying. I prayed that God will help us sell the cakes. I acknowledged that by ourselves, the job was impossible and so I asked that God will crown our little efforts with success. Long story short, we sold all the cupcakes and a huge profit was made.

So this post is to remind us all that God wants to help us 24/7.

Let us all (myself included), avoid putting God in a Sunday morning box. 

Check out the sermon HERE!
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Till next time.




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